Siemens and NVIDIA partner to build the industrial Metaverse

The initiative will help both companies to realize their ‘common vision’ to build the industrial Metaverse and drive digital transformation.
July 08, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Siemens, a global leader in industrial automation and infrastructure firms, and NVIDIA, a pioneer in artificial intelligence and graphics technology, have partnered to build the industrial Metaverse. 


The new partnership will see the integration of Siemens’ industrial design and development technology, Siemens Xcelerator with NVIDIA Omniverse, that allows users to create photorealistic virtual simulations. 


The merging of the digital twins, which means modeling a digital replica of a physical object in software. The digital twins combined with Siem AI, will increase productivity across product and production lifecycles through enabling real-time performance data; and leverage iOT and analytics at the edge and in the cloud. This will give companies more confidence in tackling engineering challenges and make faster decisions around products’ lifecycles in a visually rich and immersive environment, referring to the Metaverse.  


In other words, the new partnership seeks to expand the implementation of AI-powered digital twins through Siemens’ Xcelerator technology with NVIDIA’s Omniverse 3D design platform. This will be the foundation for the development of an industrial Metaverse using Siemen’s ‘physics-based digital models’ and NVIDIA’s real-time AI.


 President and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens AG says photorealistic, physics-based digital twins integrated in the industrial Metaverse will create huge potential to transform economies and industries through providing a virtual platform where people can work together to solve problems in the real world. 


‘Photorealistic, physics-based digital twins embedded in the industrial metaverse offer enormous potential to transform our economies and industries by providing a virtual world where people can interact and collaborate to solve real-world problems. Through this partnership, we will make the industrial metaverse a reality for companies of all sizes. For over a decade, our digital twin technology has been helping customers across all industries to boost their productivity and today offer the industry’s most comprehensive digital twin.’ he said.


Jensen Huang, Chief Executive and Founder of NVIDIA, said the initiative will inspire both companies to realize their ‘common vision’ to build the industrial Metaverse and drive digital transformation.


Photo: Siemens


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