Sony explores NFTs and blockchain with new patent

Sony just published a patent that indicates it is working on bringing in-game NFTs and blockchain technology to the market.
November 17, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Japanese technology conglomerate Sony’s newly published patent suggests the brand has been actively exploring in-game NFT assets and blockchain technology in games.

The patent ‘Tracking Unique In-Game Digital Assets Using Tokens on a Distributed Ledger,’ originally filed last year and published this month, covers a system to track and record the creation, use, modification and transfer of digital assets between games and across platforms.

The digital assets will include a unique identifier and metadata to identify its properties, ownership and changes.

Sony likens the in-game digital assets to sports memorabilia, stating that ‘individuals often find it meaningful to own or use unique physical items related to respected celebrities or activities.’

Back in May, Sony  partnered with Theta Labs to launch 3D NFTs specifically designed for  Sony Spatial Reality Display. The special display tracks eye movement as the viewer moves to give them a 3D viewing experience without the need for any equipment. 

Other game publishers have also been working on its NFT in-game assets offerings. Sega announced its first blockchain game in September this year based on its popular Sangokushi Taisen series.

In Oct. 2022, Konami announced plans to launch a marketplace for players to trade their in-game NFT assets. The company also auctioned off 14 pieces from its ‘Konami Memorial NFT collection’ for over US 162,000.

Most recently, Square Enix announced its NFT game Symbiogenesis, its first blockchain title in the beginning of this month. Symbiogenesis will be launched in spring 2023 as a browser-based game for PC and mobile and contains a large cast of characters that can be collected and traded as NFTs. 


Photo: Sony


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