Sony partners with Theta Labs to launch 3D NFTs

Sony and Theta Labs launches NFTs that can be viewed in mixed reality through the Sony spatial reality display.
May 10, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Japanese Sony Electronics announced it will collaborate with South Korean blockchain operator Theta Labs to launch 3D NFTs. The project aims to allow the NFTs to be featured for the Sony spatial reality display and allow for three-dimensional viewing.

The Sony spatial reality display is a tablet powered by augmented reality and 3D effects. It uses its high-speed vision sensor to track users’ eye movements to create 3D visuals without the need for glasses or other traditional 3D accessories.

Any in-world digital item, avatar or collectible can be visualized and exhibited in glasses free 3D mixed reality form, according to Theta and Sony. It will focus on providing “reality, real-time and remote” focused solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. It will feature volumetric capture technology and its new intelligent image sensors processed by artificial intelligence, according to Sony. Thus giving the Metaverse a new reality and tangible presence.

The NFTs will be released on ThetaDrop, Theta Lab’s NFT marketplace. The collection is launched to kickstart the integration of the Sony spatial reality into more Metaverse projects. “Immersive, three-dimensional NFTs are a great way to showcase the potential of Sony’s spatial reality display for Metaverse enthusiasts and collectors,” according to Sony’s vice president of business development Nick Colsey.

“Consumers can now enjoy a next-generation 3D experience without the need for 3D eyewear. Theta’s NFTs are just the latest way we can show our rapid adoption of metaverse-friendly technology.” he added.

This project will also include ten “Tiki Guy” NFTs, which is a 3D Tiki mask, that will be powered by Theta and a redeemable Sony spatial reality display only available in the U.S. Those who don’t have a display can view the NFTs issued in 2D versions.

Meanwhile, according to a recent Chainalysis report, NFT transactions in 2022 will double compared to the US$ 40 billion in NFT marketplaces and collections in 2021. This year, the transactions already surpassed US$ 37 billion.


Photo: Sony


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