Square Enix partners with Enjin to create Final Fantasy VII digital collectables

The digital collectibles will officially launch in 2023, while the FFVII anniversary figurines are available for pre-order today.
July 26, 2022 - Tom Peters

Blockchain company, Enjin recently announced a partnership with Japanese video game giant Square Enix to release a digital collection of Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary cards and figures.


The collectables are set to launch next year on Efinity, Enjin’s cross-chain infrastructure compatible with NFTs from various other blockchains. 


Enjin’s announcement stated that fans can pre-order the action figures from the collection on the Square Enix Store. The physical products come with a code that lets owners redeem the NFT versions on the Efinity network.


Witek Radomski, Enjin CTO, commented that the collaboration of both brands 'marks a coming-of-age phase for digital assets and entertainment.' He added that Square Enix, with its popular IPs, is paving the way for other gaming firms NFT industry.


Earlier this year, Square Enix announced its entry into Web3 and promised to invest heavily in the gaming aspects. The game company enjoyed an impressive NFT debut, encouraging it to search for other opportunities in Web3. As part of its business strategy, it also plans to release several NFT collections over the year.


About Efinity


According to Enjin, Efinity is the next-generation blockchain for NFTs. Built on the Polkadot blockchain, Efinity will act as a hub for all tokens from other blockchains while ensuring their compatibility. Efinity also looks to offer solutions like lower transaction fees, incentivising network participants to fuel growth and development in the NFT industry, and more.


Photo: Square Enix


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