Taiwanese chicken shop NFTs takes flight

Shiyun fried chicken shop puts up broccoli NFT, with its bidding price valued at US$50,000 as of Monday evening.
November 29, 2021 -

A restaurant in Taiwan launched limited-edition NFT for its fried chicken and other deliacies. and they have seen unprecedented success.

From humble beginnings at the Shida night market in Da'an District, Taipei, in 1984, the Shiyun fried chicken shop managed to enamour customers with delicacies of chicken nuggets, broccoli, and king trumpet mushrooms.

Now, its trademark foods have been minted as limited edition NFTs, available in a collection of 80-500 tokens. 

On November 27, the Taiwanese restaurant put up its food NFTs for sale on the Oursong platform for OSD$1 (US$1) each.

After just five days, the tokens saw a meteoric price increase. Most notable were the prices of the broccoli NFT which reached OSD$50,000 (US$50,000), fried chicken at OSD$1,999(US$1,999), and fried squid at OSD$500(US$500). 


"We opened the account just for fun, and the bidding prices are much higher than we expected," the restaurant owner said.

Shiyun revealed that owners of the NFTs can use their NFT tokens to collect one food item in real life. They also don't have to exchange the tokens; all they need is to show proof of ownership.


About Oursong

Formerly a music site, Oursong is now a platform that makes it easy for people to turn their art into NFT trading cards called Vibes.



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