Tencent’s music app tests NFT avatars, virtual music room

Interested Android phone users can test the function and the virtual room from Monday, ahead of the official sales.
July 06, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Tencent Music on Monday revealed the testing of its NFT profile picture (PFP) avatars and the ‘virtual room’ Music Zone on its QQ Music app.


QQ Music is a subsidiary of Tencent Music.


The 2D animated cartoon figures will be based on Tencent’s blockchain, Zhixin Chain. In addition, QQ Music will launch a virtual space called the 'Music Zone' for users to hang out with one another and invite their friends’ avatars to listen to music in the same room. 


2D cartoon characters linked to Tencent’s blockchain, Zhixin Chain, will be implied as NFT PFP avatars.

Official sales are slated for Wednesday morning. In the meantime, interested Android phone users can test the function and the virtual room from Monday. 


The PFPs are priced at 0.88 yuan (US$ 0.13) each and are restricted to 40,000 copies.


In the official blog post, the QQ Music app stated that Android users could access the function and the virtual room from Monday. Meanwhile, the official launch has been scheduled for Wednesday morning.


As of 2021, QQ Music is the second leading music app in mainland China, with more than 275 million monthly active users.


Photo: Tencent


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