The apparel and luxury goods sector has the most brands launching NFTs since 2020

A new research study by CoinGecko shows the apparel and luxury goods industry leading in NFT participation.
October 13, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

The apparel and luxury goods industry is leading in tradable NFT adoption, with major brands launching their own NFT collections since the NFT boom in 2021, according to a new research study by CoinGecko.


Out of 52 brands in the study, 19 brands (36%) from the Apparel and Luxury Goods industry have been participating in the NFT industry since 2020.

Adidas leads the pack with its  ‘Adidas Originals into the Metaverse’ NFT collection, having a total trading volume of 47,000 ETH to date, since its launch in December 2021. Adidas is tailed by Nike, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci who also have high trading volumes. 


The report places the media industry as the second in their success in the NFT sector, with Time USA’s TIMEPieces NFT collection having the highest trading volume of 10,648 ETH among brands in this sector. Other brands who launched their own NFTs include Fortune, Reddit, Rolling Stone and Fox Corp. 


Other industries launching NFT collections included brands from Beverages, Food and Staples Retailing, Entertainment, Automobiles and Personal Products. These sectors saw McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Paramount , Warner Records, McLaren and Porsche.


Industries who have a low rate with NFT launches include the  Health Care, Construction, Utilities and Real Estate sectors.


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