Twitter to allow users to buy and sell NFTs via tweets

Twitter introduced a feature called Tweet Tiles to allow users to display, buy and sell NFTs via tweets.
October 28, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Twitter announced the introduction of a feature called Tweet Tiles to allow users to buy and sell NFTs via tweets.

The feature allows users to display their NFTs within a tweet and comes with a button to direct users to a marketplace listing. The tweets will also display the NFTs' metadata.

The feature is still in pilot mode in collaboration with four marketplaces, including Magic Eden, Rarible, Dapper Labs and  


Twitter claims that the newly-added feature is ‘one more step in our journey to let developers impact the Tweet experience.’

OpenSea, Rarible, Magic Eden, Dapper Labs and GuardianLink’s marketplaces have been selected for the pilot. As a result, the featured partners will be able to display colorful NFTs directly within tweets for the first time. The format allows for a larger picture of the NFT to be displayed alongside metadata such as the title and creator,’ blockchain and NFT solutions provider GuardianLink, the creator of the new feature, said in a statement.

If the pilot is successful, the feature will be made available to all of Twitter’s users, ‘providing NFT collectors with a new way to share their digital collectibles,’ according to GuardianLink.

In August, Twitter started testing the feature with three news outlets,  the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian to expand news articles.

Back in January, the social media platform allowed some users to use verified NFTs as their profile pictures. 


Photo: CNET


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