Warner Music Group pushes web3 strategy with new Metaverse job listings

WMG unveiled new job postings a week after its partnership with OpenSea.
October 11, 2022 - Cynthia Chung

Music and entertainment conglomerate Warner Music Group (WMG) is continuing its Web3 expansion strategy in its latest job postings for a senior director for metaverse development and director of web3 project management.


The new hires are expected to possess ‘strong knowledge’ of gaming and an interest in blockchain technology. 


Responsibilities for the senior director for metaverse development  role include creating music entertainment experiences in the Metaverse and gaming. The  director of web3 project management will focus on developing business strategy with web3, Metaverse and gaming.

The projects will be focused on  ‘immersive experiences and strategic content integration,’ according to the job posting on LinkedIn.


In April, the company hired Linkin Park co-founder and music tech pioneer Mike Shinoda as its community innovation adviser, to help ‘shape the company’s artist-centric approach to Web3.’


The job posting comes a week after the company partnered with OpenSea for music NFT drops and to provide a platform for select musical artists to build and expand their fanbase into the web3 community. 


Photo: Music Ally


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