Zilliqa announces Web3 console for 2023

Owners will be able to mine and store ZIL tokens on the device.
September 23, 2022 - Tom Peters

Blockchain company Zilliqa looks to be going all out into the Web3 gaming ecosystem after announcing the launch of its Web3-based video game console slated for launch in Q1 2023.


Essentially, the device will feature games from the company, such as WEB3WAR, an AAA-grade, first-person shooter whose announcement was well-received at Gamescom in August. In addition, the console will come with a cryptocurrency wallet and mining capabilities that players can use to acquire Zilliqa (ZIL) tokens.


The tokens are earned when players play the game and complete missions and other similar requirements. According to Zilliqa's head of gaming technology Valentin Cobelea, how much players earn 'depends on how good the gamers are.'


Zilliqa will be looking to be the 'Playstation' of the Web3 gaming scene, which is no easy task. Fortunately, the company takes a unique approach to the development of blockchain games, and that at least gives it a chance.


Unlike many Web3 games that overemphasize their play-to-earn model, Zilliqa focuses on delivering fun gameplay with intuitive design, ensuring players enjoy the game first and then rewarding them for their skill.


The console will be ready for early access beta testing in October and available for pre-order in Q1 2023, according to the company's schedule. There is no news concerning the device's pricing, but Zilliqa claims the console will 'eventually pay for itself.' 


Upon release, the console will come with two Zilliqa-based game titles, including the aforementioned WEB3WAR, although more games from other creators will be available in the future.


About Zilliqa


Founded in 2017, the company offers highly-performant, scalable, and secure blockchain solutions for enterprises and decentralised applications with its layer-1 smart contract network.


Zilliqa's vision is to become a significant brand in offering and developing Web3 applications for the various global sectors. It recently took an interest in the gaming sector and is already making moves in the field. 


A few days ago, it announced a partnership with XBorg, a leading Esports 3.0 organisation and Web3 gaming community, to advance the development of its rapidly-expanding game ecosystem.


Photo: Zilliqa


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