Meet the 32-year-old artist who made over US$1 million in 9 months from selling NFTs

Amrit Pal Singh, a Visual artist and 3D illustrator from India with a career spanning over nine years. He explains how NFTs have been transformative for him.
November 11, 2021 - Staff writer

A conversation with a friend would be what introduced Singh to the possibilities of NFTs. The friend convinced Singh that one of his previous projects would "work well as NFTs."


Singh decided to mint his first NFT from the project, called Toy People, and put them up for sale in February.


"Straightaway, I got a few bids," the 32-year-old said.


Toy Faces are cartoonish 3D portraits of different people and characters, most of which Singh found inspirational at some point in his life. Some of these characters include Malala Yousafzai, Steve Jobs, and Daft Punk


Toy Faces was also a non-generative project, meaning he created each piece one at a time.


Singh auctioned off his Toy Faces NFTs on platforms like Foundation and SuperRare, and each of them sold for at least 1ETH, which is currently worth about US$4,706.


After the success of Toy Faces, Singh minted and sold another of his projects, called Toy Rooms, in September. Like the former, Toy Rooms was also 3D illustrated. Each piece displayed different rooms, including some iconic pop-culture ones like a cave from Disney's "Aladdin," a hobbit's study from "The Lord of the Rings," and the living room from "The Simpsons."


The Toy Rooms collection is listed on Foundation, and the current floor price is around 1.22ETH, which is around US$5,741 in today's crypto market.


Singh is also entitled to a 10% royalty whenever any of the NFTs are resold.


His NFT venture was so lucrative that he earned his income of three to four years in just seven months.


So far, Singh has used his earnings to support other artists, usually by buying their NFTs. He revealed that he had spent over 30ETH (more than US$141,000) on NFTs to display them in the metaverse.


"I bought virtual galleries, land, and a cafe that's basically a museum for Toy Faces and other art I collect from artists that I really admire," he says.


Singh plans to concentrate on NFTs full-time for the future since he believes they allow him to create more self-expressive art.


Photo: Amrit Pal Singh


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