Hong Kong’s first digital art fair puts NFT, crypto in centre stage

Digital Art Fair Asia is the first-ever art fair in Hong Kong featuring world-class NFT digital art and an immersive art experience.
August 20, 2021 - Staff member

Blockchain-based digital art collectibles will be front and centre when the Hong Kong Digital Art Fair comes to Hong Kong in September.

The art fair will take place from 30 September until 17 October inside a 20,000 sq. ft. venue featuring more than 40 international and local artists.

The 18-day fair showcases more than 200 digital and NFT artworks, bringing virtual art into the physical world for the first time in Hong Kong.  

On display will be works from contemporary artists including Refik Anadol, Surreal HK, King of Kowloon and Krista Kim. 

The Digital Art Fair is a testament to the NFT mania sweeping across the city, for both artists and collectors. 

Photographers, painters and urban graffiti artists, all marking their foray into digital, will present their works in five different zones of the fair. 

One of the most anticipated installations comes via Turkey-born artist Refik Anadol, who explores memory, architecture and the bonds between humans and machines. Held in the immersive zone (360°!), Anadol's work is reflective and all-consuming. 

There's also a zone which brings 2D artworks to 3D life, through augmented reality - right in front of viewers eyes.


Photo: Digital Art Fair


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