McDonald’s offers digital token ‘Big Mac Cube’ in Shanghai

The fast-food company creates a limited number of the digital tokens in partnership with Cocafe and blockchain platform Conflux.
October 12, 2021 - By Staff in NFT

McDonald’s China has become the first mainland-based restaurant chain to launch non-fungible tokens (NFT) amid a surge of interest from young consumers in digital retail trends.


A limited number of the digital tokens will be given to company employees and customers as a gift, following the opening of its largest store in Shanghai, where the fast-food giants China headquarters and flagship outlet are located.


McDonald's China's first NFT creative work, called Big Mac Rubik's Cube, celebrates its 31st anniversary of entering the mainland market and the official opening of its new headquarters building on the west bank of Shanghai. 


The "Big Mac Cube" is a three-dimensional dynamic digital creative work inspired by the brand spirit of McDonald's and the shape of the new headquarters building. 


The NFT’s were created in collaboration with digital asset creation agency Cocafe and blockchain platform Conflux. McDonald’s China said it will offer 188 NFTs to employees and consumers.


This isn't McDonald’s first foray into the crypto space. The company’s El Salvador operations recently became the first in the region to accept Bitcoin as a payment option. In the US, McDonald’s created a limited number of NFTs to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its McRib, released via its Twitter account.

Budweiser and Taco Bell have also debuted NFTs in 2021. 

The former updated its Twitter page in August to show a picture of a beer NFT that it had purchased for around US$ 29,102. 


The company also purchased an Ethereum domain name for around $100,000. Meanwhile, Taco Bell announced taco-themed NFTs in the form of images and GIFs on Rarible.





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