Nivea's debut NFT launch was a sweeping success

All 15,000 NFTs of Nivea's "The Value of Touch" collection were claimed in three days.
December 20, 2021 - Staff writer

Even cosmetic brands are getting into NFTs, once again proving how valuable the technology can be to anyone.


Skincare brand Nivea's first attempt at NFTs seems to have been a profitable project. On December 13, the cosmetics company launched its debut NFT collection, titled "The Value of Touch," which consisted of 15,000 collectables. The idea was so well-received that the entire collection was claimed within three days of the drop.


As the name implies, The Value of Touch was a touch-inspired art project by Clarissa Baldassarri, an Italian visual artist. It was Nivea's way of drawing attention to the value and power of touch, especially for the visually impaired.


For the physical project on which the NFTs were based, Clarissa used a stitching awl on a plastic sheet to make an embossed, raised-line drawing, making it possible for blind people to feel the art.


The Value of Touch was minted on the Polygon blockchain – another blockchain using a Proof-of-Stake system that is more energy efficient – and could be claimed for free by anyone interested.


Nivea's NFT launch was part of its "Care for Human Touch to Inspire Togetherness" program, which it launched in January this year.


The initiative is meant to raise awareness and inspire everyone to include more human touch in everyday life and is targeted at people who are at risk of loneliness.


About the artist


The creator of the art, Clarissa Baldassarri, suffered a temporary visual impairment in her early years as an artist. With the help of a mentor, she was able to see the world through touch. The whole ordeal got her inspired, and she rediscovered art through a process she refers to as 'conscious touch.'


With this technique, she created "The Value of Touch," and she hopes her NFT can help spread a positive message.


Nivea isn't the only skincare brand that has delved into the world of NFTs; E.l.f cosmetics, Givenchy Beauty, and LVMH's Guerlain are a few other brands on the list.


Photo: Nivea


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