Pepsi rolls out NFT collection

Pepsi gave out 1893 unique NFTs for free to mark its birth year.
December 24, 2021 - Staff writer

Pepsi is the latest of the big brands to launch its NFT collection.


Last week on Twitter, Pepsi announced it was launching its debut NFT collection on December 14.


The collection, dubbed “Pepsi Mic Drop,” would include 1893 unique digital collectables. The number of NFTs is significant because “It’s the year Pepsi was born,” according to a tweet by the company.


Each NFT shows microphones with humanized properties and accessories and is inspired by iconic Pepsi flavors like the classic blue Pepsi, silver diet Pepsi, black Pepsi zero sugar, and more.


The whole concept, including the name, is a nod to Pepsi’s close relationship with the music industry and its stars. “Pepsi has always been a brand with a strong heritage in music and pop culture, so it’s only fitting for us to bring that legacy into the new world of NFTs with a ‘mic drop’ of epic proportions,” explained Todd Kaplan, Pepsi’s Vice President of Marketing.


Pepsi Mic Drop is designed by and created with VaynerNFT, a consultancy under the umbrella of the VaynerX holding company.


VaynerNFT is a renowned NFT developer, having designed collections for notable brands like Budweiser, US Open, Coach fashion house, to name a few.


Speaking on the partnership, Avery Akkineni, President of VaynerNFT, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Pepsi for its first-ever foray into the NFT space. With this drop, Pepsi brings its fans an accessible opportunity to join the brand as it leaps to enter this space, paying homage to its renowned connection to music.”


To be eligible for the NFTs, participants had to have a crypto wallet and have joined the waitlist, which opened on December 10. Once verified, selected winners would be able to mint one of the 1,843 Pepsi NFTs for free (the remaining 50 held for other exciting initiatives soon), excluding ETH gas fees.


Unlike other NFTs that come with expensive price tags to mint, Pepsi ensured its NFTs were as free as possible to make them more accessible to customers, providing an opportunity for customers to invest in NFTs.


Pepsi is not the only food and beverage company with an NFT collection. Recently, its rivals, Coca-Cola, released an NFT collection to mark International Friendship Day.


Budweiser, McDonald’s, Taco Bell are also some of the food and beverage companies with NFT collections.


Photo: Pepsi


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