UK non-profit organization announces new healthcare-focused Metaverse

DeHealth's plan would use the Metaverse to transform doctor-patient interaction.
December 22, 2021 - Staff writer

For most of the history of medicine, healthcare service has always involved physical interaction between medical practitioners and their patients. Then came telemedicine and eHealth, which allowed patient-physician interaction over the internet and other communication devices. 


Now, a British healthcare provider has metaverse plans that can further revolutionize doctors' and patients' interactions.


A UK-based non-profit organization, DeHealth, announced it was creating a decentralized Metaverse.


This Metaverse would allow physicians and patients to interact in a virtual 3D world and earn virtual money by selling their unidentifiable medical data.


Users would have unrestricted access to their health records using a universal health card. Based on their records, they can get health recommendations or learn more about their health status from the integrated AI.


Patients would also be able to transfer their existing digital avatars and medical records to the DeHealth metaverse, where they can book appointments and enjoy other professional healthcare services. 


"Our goal is to provide people with the most advanced technologies to preserve their health so that every person in the world, regardless of the place of residence, social status, and financial capabilities, can control their health and life. The future of healthcare lies not in treatment but in the prevention of diseases. Our AI will notice the slightest deviations from the human norm and warn about it. Thanks to HLT, each person in the metaverse can sell their impersonal medical information with their own hands."Anna Bondarenko, Co-Founder of DeHealth, said. 


HLT or Health token refers to the native token of the DeHealth Metaverse. The tokens would be the general payment method within the virtual world and would be distributed in twelve stages to the public.


DeHealth Metaverse will work with virtual (VR), augmented (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies that would allow doctors and patients to interact in a virtual space. It would also be accessible via a wide range of devices, like smartphones, computers, and different types of headsets.


Denys Tsvaig, another Co-Founder, revealed that the Metaverse plans would be made possible through a host of technological resources, including the Hospital OS digital platform, the blockchain network, electronic clothing, quantum computing, and more.


DeHealth would launch its beta version of the Metaverse in late 2022, and it would be accessible to 3 million Hospital OS users.


About DeHealth


The DeHealth non-governmental organization is an independent membership organization headquartered in Altrincham, United Kingdom.


The organization focuses on making quality healthcare affordable via decentralized healthcare. It also offers digital services like helping users store and manage their health data.


Photo: DeHealth


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