World of Women partners with The Sandbox for female empowerment in the Metaverse

The Sandbox is investing US$25 million in the joint initiative to push female inclusion in the Metaverse.
March 08, 2022 - Tom Peters

On Women’s International Day, a leading Metaverse and gaming platform, The Sandbox, announced its partnership with the World of Women (WoW) NFT community to launch the WoW Foundation. With a mission to promote inclusivity and equal opportunities in the burgeoning metaverse via education and mentorship.  


Over the next five years, The Sandbox will provide a US$25 million grant to the WoW to support its mission. The WoW and Sandbox partnership plans to achieve four main projects; including the release of WoW 3D interoperable Avatars, the building of a WoW Museum in The Sandbox, establishment of the WoW University and the WoW Academy.

  1. WoW 3D interoperable Avatars, the release of 10,000 3D avatars based on all the World of Women NFTs, which can be used in The Sandbox. The avatars are scheduled for launch during The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 2 launch. The Sandbox recently bought the most expensive WoW NFT - named Aurora for 200 ETH — #6025 – and has crowned her “Goddess” of The Sandbox.

  2. The WoW Museum, a 2x2 building structure on Sandbox land as a virtual hub for showcasing of the WoW foundation.

  3. The WoW University, to provide free immersive online classes for people looking for ways to enter and participate in web3 proficiently. 

  4. The WoW Academy, a project incubator for artists to receive advice, funding, mentoring and access to the network of The Sandbox and WoW. The academy season will conclude with an NFT exhibition to showcase their results. 

“Having a World of Women be the Goddess of Alpha 2 is an emblematic milestone for us: it establishes our mission in the metaverse,” said Yam Karkai, co-founder and artist of World of Women. “With this US $1 million grant, we will be voxelizing all 10,000 WoW NFTs so that our entire community can join us” in the Metaverse, which will be available in the Sandbox’s “Alpha Season2.


As a way of giving back, the Sandbox will implement and enhance female initiatives in the Web3 space by providing funding for artists and their projects, educating newcomers, publicizing and supporting women-centric causes, as well as donating to charity. 


“This partnership signals our intent to invest long term in shaping a diverse and inclusive space for women to thrive in Web3 within our metaverse,” Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, commented on the joint initiative. “Through facilitating the education and funding of women’s projects, we hope these programs help establish a generation of influential women builders in the space.”

World of Women made its first dazzling appearance in the metaverse last July with its women-centric NFT collection. Since its launch, the community has reveled in skyrocketing success, acquiring several coveted partnerships and endorsements from celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Eva Longoria. 

WoW is currently the most successful female-focused NFT project and ranks among the top 20 most popular NFT collections, with over US$157 million traded in secondary markets. At the time of writing, it has traded 55,300 ETH.


Photo: World of Women


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